NSW Masters Athletics Association


How to Register

Annual membership covers the period from 1 September 2024, to 31 August 2025. Note the date change starting this season to align with Athletics NSW new season membership dates.


If you wish to compete at an AMA Nationals, Oceania Masters Championship or World Masters Championship event: you need to have Association membership, as we are the official state body representing Masters Athletics, affiliated with Australian Masters Athletics association (AMA), which is in turn affiliated with World Master Athletics (WMA).


There are two types of memberships:


NSWMA Association Membership only

Select this option to join the NSW Masters State Association onlyfor example: if you are already a member of another Athletics NSW Club or are not wishing to join a Club at all.


NSWMA Club + NSWMA Association Membership: select this option if you are joining NSW Masters AS YOUR FIRST CLAIM CLUB and have not already joined another Athletics NSW Club.  As an affiliated Athletics NSW club, we offer full registration to compete at all Athletics NSW competitions, as well as all the benefits of Masters State Association membership.

NOTE: If you are unable to join online please contact the Registrar, on 0493 762 723 to find alternatives ways to register

 Phone: 0493 762 723 

Email : registrar@nswmastersathletics.org.au