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Our NSWMA Uniform

What is the Official Uniform for a NSW Masters athlete?

The official NSW Masters uniform top is a singlet, crop top or T-shirt. 

This is the minimum requirement when competing as an NSW Masters Representative.


What uniform choices are there?

Women: can choose from the singlet, crop top, racer back or unisex singlet, or our T-shirt.

                Worn with our uniform briefs, boy-leg shorts, bike pants, 3/4 leggings,

                or with plain navy bike pants or shorts.

Men: can choose the unisex singlet or T-shirt.

          Worn with our uniform bike pants (with or without leg grip),

          or with plain navy bike pants or shorts.


How do I order?

Click HERE to place an order for our NSWMA singlets


Fact sheet - "what uniform do I wear to the different competitons?"

FInd out what to wear to local, State, National, Oceania and World

masters competitions, and to corporate masters games events.

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