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Registration Fees for 1/10/2020 to 30/9/2021
 Association Membership

Select this only if you wish to join us as the State body For Example: you are already a member of an ANSW Club, or  are not joining another Club at all

NSWMA is an Association and an Athletics NSW club

As an Association, it is the official state body representing Masters Athletics, affiliated with Australian Masters Athletics association (AMA), which is in turn affiliated with World Master Athletics.

As an Athletics NSW club, we offer full registration in order to compete at any ANSW competition.

Benefits of membership: As a member of our State Association, and are eligible for -

  • Setting official masters records recognised at State, Australian and World level

  • Inclusion in Masters World Rankings

  • Competition at any NSWMA competition, AMA National, WMA World or Oceania Masters championships

  • Quarterly newsletters and Facebook updates

  • Consideration for NSWMA annual awards and ANSW annual masters awards

 Club Membership
Open Athlete
Age Concession

Aged 60+ or with a Pensioner or Senior card

Select the option below only if you are joining NSWMA AS YOUR FIRST CLAIM CLUB, and have not joined another ANSW Club

As an Athletics NSW club, we offer full registration in order to compete at any ANSW competition

Benefits of Membership: As a member of our ANSW Club section you are eligible for -


  • Eligible to enter any ANSW competitions

  • Representing NSWMA in NSW State Relay championships

  • State association benefits as listed above

Join online: via the JOIN OR RENEW link above

Join by post: Download the 2020/2021 Membership form below and mail to the Registrar, with a cheque or money order made out to NSWMA Inc.

2020/21 Membership Form 


Mail address Registrations only: Registrar, 14 Koel Place, Woronora Heights 2233


Enquiries: Phone: 0428 923 372

                    Email :