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December 2022

Register an Expression of Interest for NSW Team Manager Role National Championships 2023
Team Manager

General:  The NSWMA Team Manager is responsible for managing the NSW Masters team at the AMA National Championships, to be held 10 – 13 March 2023 in Sydney. They would be expected to travel to the venue of the Championships, and be present at the venue for the majority of the time.


Specific:  The following are the duties of our Team Manager:

  • Be a current financial member of NSW Masters Athletics Association

  • Obtain a list of NSW entrants from the AMA Entries Registrar, and check against our NSW registration list to ensure that all NSW entrants are financial.

  • Organise a NSW Team get together for one evening during the event (either Friday or Saturday) for drinks and/or dinner, at a convenient venue (Outdoors if possible and COVID restrictions permitting).

  • Prepare a welcoming TeamNSW newsletter (draft available) and send to all athletes competing, at least two weeks prior to the championships.

  •  Arrange their economical travel and accommodation, keep receipts and promptly claim from the NSWMA Treasurer at completion of the event.

  • Obtain the Club banner and transport it to and from the event and venue. Display the banner prominently in the stadium during the Championships.

  • Be present at the venue for the full period of competition.

  • Wear the NSW Team Manager vest, or suitable high visibility alternative.

  • Be knowledgeable about the rules and procedures of the National competition. 

  • Be available for consultation by members during the competition, including by mobile phone.

  • Update our competitors via the designated NSW@Nationals SYD2023 Facebook group

  • Make themselves known to, and consult with, the Local Organising Committee of the competition as needed, and as appropriate.

  • Represent us in protests or disputes involving NSW.

  • Organise the NSW relay teams, in consultation with a relay selection subcommittee if appointed.

  • After the competition,  obtain NSW results from the host state organisers in electronic format.

  • Ensure as far as practicable that NSW members conduct themselves in an appropriate manner to officials and other competitors, and report any misbehaviour to the NSWMA Committee.

  • Upon return,  promptly prepare a report for the NSWMA Committee, and articles for the Waratah, Facebook group pages, and for ANSW media.


NSWMA will reimburse reasonable accommodation expenses for the duration of the Championships, and budget airfares equivalent in cost to direct travel to and from the venue, typically traveling the day before and the day after the championships. Any additional costs arising from people traveling via other routes, extending their stay or using more expensive carriers, must be borne by the applicant.

The Team Manager role may be split between two people, with reimbursement of expenses as above, being shared at 50% each.


To submit an application, or ask any questions, please email:

NSWMA Secretary, John Clark

Closing date for applications is 20 January 2023

December Waratah
Hot off the Press The December Waratah

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Over the past few weeks, Heather set 4 new world records in the W95 age group. Heather has also become a media sensation, appearing on 2GB Radio Drive, Channel 7's Sunrise and Studio 10 programs. Athletics NSW reported that the post on her WR has had over 1.4 million hits, the largest number of hits on a post for them ever. Way to go Heather, and a Happy 96th Birthday for Nov 17

Check out our NEWS/ Media page for links to her interviews and media

Our latest World Record Holder Heather Lee
Heather Lee.jpg
Registration is now open for the season 2022/23

All current members have now been sent an email  with a link to their personalised registration form.

New members can click here to go to our Membership - Join or Renew page for further information on joining fee and our member benefits.

Given the expected delayed start of ANSW competitions this coming season, due to the ongoing COVID lockdowns, we intend to organise events, clinics and seminars to run right through to next September, to give our members as much competition as possible.

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